New version of "The Big E"

I'm currently working on a new improved version of the Big E. This time the changes will be more extensive than all the previous updates combined.

The primary hull is finished. The secondary hull is under construction and the warp nacelles are still missing. Here are some some sample pictures of the completed part. I plan on adding more pictures as more of the ship gets into displayable condition. Click on the images to download the 1024 768 versions.

NEWS! (Nov 2000) The project is alive again after almost two and a half years of hibernation! A small portion of the secondary hull now exists. See the bottom of the page.

The saucer section

Wide angle views from the forward rim

Closeups of the A, B and C decks.

Note the shadows of the phaser turrets. You never saw these on screen because the lights illuminating the names and numbers on the studio model were faked. They didn't originate from the model itself but from somewhere above and below it.

Here I had a little problem - where to position the light source illuminating the rear name and number? This light was again faked on the studio model, so I took a little artistic licence and added an extra detail not present on it: if you look really carefully above the officers' lounge windows, you can see something there. It's a tiny floodlight but not very visible on this picture because it's hidden under the eaves.

Impulse engines

Docking ports

The main gangway

The secondary hull

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